Random Thoughts

16 Oct

We are all about half way through our first semsters of college now and well for me its starting to get old(just the academic part). I was never someone who enjoyed sitting watching listening and learning day in and day out in high school. I went to highschool for 4 years and never once put 100% into any school work (except the 3 Justin Bieber essays I wrote for Mr. Dial-70% average on them).

In college though since we get to choose our majors and what we learn about I was able to enjoy learning atleast for a few months during which I actually had awesome grades. Now im not really interested in my major anymore (probably because I quit watching animal planet when I came to college), making me not really interested in learning about it which has brought be back to my academic days in highschool of just getting by and not learning anything.

College is fun (alot better then working at McDonalds full-time)(not better then getting paid to watch ultimate frisbee)(Well it might be better)(ya it is better without the academic part).

Next semester im changing my major to parks and recreation management (classes include: Ropes course training, kayaking, racquetball, and the killer: advanced ropes course class). I hope that is a major I can get myself to focus and learn about (It will be hard (: but I think I can learn about Kayaking).

I am cheap (veryyyy cheap). College is expensive, so if next semester im still not feeling it I think I might quit, then work for Jackson count parks and rec for the summer, then go work at a ski resort in Colorado all winter (Matt Spydell did this, that guy is my hero). If I like my new major then im going to work at Jackson count parks and rec for the summer then I will go back to college at: Northwest 10%, Northern colorado 30%, Mesa state in grandjuction colorado 20%, Northern Michigan 20%, Colorado State 20% chance.

I dont really care about having alot of money as long as I am where I want to be and I am doing what I want to do, and thats why im not so sure I need or want a college education. I am having the time of my life here but I feel like I could be doing something even better, somewhere else.

I try to be all about doing what I love, and “Living A Little”, and Idk where I will be next year or if I will be in college but I probably wont be here, and I will be somewhere I 100% want to be.

Live A Little

Peace to yo Coffee, Love to yo Coffeee, Happyness to yo coffeeee

3 Responses to “Random Thoughts”

  1. cathy October 16, 2011 at 3:52 pm #

    Derek! This was funny. Sounds like you’re living a little. Funny that Matt Spydell is your hero. And majoring in parks and recreation management… wow. Interesting. I don’t think we have that at liberal arts school. But at least you know a major that you want.

  2. Morgan Sandberg October 19, 2011 at 10:58 pm #

    I totally feel you on the academic part of this college thing.. I hated high school and do I really need english to be a park ranger?! I think not. Oh and you and your swaggon wagon belong in Colorado. For real.
    Oh and my school definitely has an awesome ropes course.. and um it’s free. Just saying….

  3. Derek October 19, 2011 at 11:26 pm #

    Oh man My advisor told me today that I can take a 2 week course in May or June for credit, and the entire course is in colorado and we just tour different parks and go white water rafting and stuff

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