Morgan: Job Hunt

8 Oct

Alrighty, since I’m bored I’ve decided to tell y’all about my job hunting. I have applied at 6 different places.

1. McDonald’s- lets hope they never contact me with a job opening

2. Target- completed a 1 1/2 hour online application, and just received an email saying that there are no job openings in Greeley. Waste of time.

3.Ace hardware- they actually aren’t hiring right now, but what the hey! and I emailed the store owner… but no response

4. Aspen Leaf frozen yogurt- I really want to work here. It’s the perfect distance so I can drive or walk plus working with frozen yogurt and toppings doesn’t seem too back breaking to me. I’m going to be proactive about this and go there Monday to see if I am still applicable for this job. (cross your fingers!)

5. Home Depot- I really real REALLY want to work here. The garden center or paint department would be my dream, but cashier or welcome person will do if I am hired! I applied last week on a whim. I was driving down 34 and Home Depot seemed to be calling my name. I walked in and a “NOW HIRING” banner was the first thing I saw. I headed straight to the customer service desk and the lady directed me to a computer to complete an application. The very first thing she asked me was “How long have you had your braces?” Woah. OK old lady! Wow. Way to ruin my Home Depot application experience. Who asks that even before they ask you your name and get to know you?! I revel in any instance if I succeed in hiding my braces, if only for a brief moment. I’m 18 freaking years old. I am ashamed to wear the monstrosity called braces on my teeth, shouldn’t you know this? What person applying for a job, with braces on, would prefer to talk about their braces over ANY other topic you could come up with?!….. Anyways, I replied “almost 2 years” and then she had the gall to ask another braces related question. “When do you get them off?” What the?! Okay, well no more smiling here for me. Jeez. I told her about my impacted tooth, wondering if she had a fascination with dental work, but she definitely did not because she just smiled and nodded and ignored me for the rest of my time at Home Depot. If I don’t get hired there, I’m going to march up to that lady and ask if she had anything to do with it. If she says yes then I’m suing for braces discrimination.

6. Well, I haven’t officially applied yet but…. to spite that old lady at Home Depot, I am applying to Lowes on Monday.

Too bad none of these places have anything to do with the degree I’m working on…

Well I thought this would just be a little post to keep s

3 Responses to “Morgan: Job Hunt”

  1. cathy October 9, 2011 at 9:30 am #

    Oh Morgan! This made me laugh!!

  2. chrisman2college October 9, 2011 at 5:27 pm #

    Home depot would be Awesome! You would get one of those little tool belts! hehe šŸ™‚

  3. morgan October 12, 2011 at 9:09 pm #

    The tool belt is the main reason to work there.
    Glad I could make you laugh Cathy! (:

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