Nick: Zombies be a lurkin

5 Oct

This week is HvZ week (scary!), which if you didn’t know is Humans Vs. Zombies. Apparently the humans aren’t doing so well, because last year there were only 40 zombies by the first day, and this year, there are already 122 zombies (and it hasn’t even been a complete day yet). It’s been pretty intense so far. We (a band of trustworthy humans) decided to take an alternative route to class, but, much to our chagrin, the alternative route ended up being where the zombies were staking out. We got chased to the cathedral (Memorial Union) where everyone but I had class. I was only halfway to class (and on my own). With my trusty Nerf gun (and not trusty darts, which curve all over the place and SUCK) I set out alone to my destination. I still had a good 7-8 minute walk from class. Unfortunately, a good deal of zombies were swarming the area, so I was chased from Memorial Union all the way to my engineering class by a zombie. After going to another class since then, and safely making it back to my dorm, I now believe I have an adequate chance of making it through the night.

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