Morgan: College “party” #1

26 Sep

So Friday night….. Started out my night with an attempt to find a youth center with Chelsea and Tori plus three boys that we’ve met. Tyler, Sal, and Chris knew someone who is in a band that was playing there. We definitely couldn’t find the youth center. And after driving across the infamous railroad tracks all the rock canyon richy rich boys were freaking out.(Rock canyon is the high school that these guys went to and it is seriously the most wealthy school ever) They thought that because there was one trailer that we were in the ghetto… Let me tell you, they wouldn’t know a ghetto if it hit them in the face.
Afterwards was our homecoming bonfire and pep rally. Thankfully the rally was over by the time we got there so we watched a “W” burn for like 20 minutes and that was the extent of the bonfire. Then the six of us headed to the soccer fields to play…. soccer! And being the smart girl I am, I forgot to wear sneakers so I got to play barefoot. (I’ve got some swelling and even turf burn to show for it) And here is where I get to toot my own horn: I started out in goal with the boys shooting at me. Blocked like a beast. Then, when after a bit I got to shoot and hit the top corners every time. (Why isn’t every time one word?!) I very much impressed everyone and shot better than Chris who was not liking that. šŸ™‚ Okay enough gloating.
Later was party time with the people from my hall. Oh and you might be sad to know, but Joe has gotten back into the drinking game, he only went one week without alcohol (previous posts will clarify this statement). Okay so everyone started out pre-gaming, and all but 3 people got wasted before we even found a party. (I did not drink.) So we walked approximately 6 blocks to get to the first house and there was a fight happening outside and soon after the cops came, so we “nonchalantly” walked 2 blocks away. Then the trek began. We seriously walked like 4 miles and only went into one house. Freshmen don’t know what they’re doing. The one house we went to had 6 people in it besides the 12 of us that joined them. Two of those people were on the front porch smoking and the whole house smelt of grilled cheese and weed.
When we left, Zach- (it was his birthday and first time drinking and he’s good at soccer, I think) talked to me about his relationship in great detail. Oh man. And he offered me his shirt every 2 minutes. smh
Highlight of the evening: I saw a girl who could hardly walk and talk get busted. It was quite entertaining and she was trying to tell the cops that she was perfectly fine while looking like a wet noodle trying to stay on end.
All in all, my first college party experience included a nice workout, being offered guys’ shirts (not only Zach’s), Joe repeatedly telling me that he would walk me back if I wanted to go back, and listening to three boys complain about having to pee the whole time.
But let’s not forget, there’s always next Friday!

4 Responses to “Morgan: College “party” #1”

  1. chrisman2college September 27, 2011 at 2:40 am #

    smh, I can beat this

  2. morg September 27, 2011 at 4:58 am #

    who said that?! ^^^

  3. Derek September 27, 2011 at 9:01 pm #


  4. morgan September 30, 2011 at 4:30 am #

    Then DO IT! annnnd GO

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