CATHY: Oops, sorry I forgot about this thing!

22 Sep

Oh goodness! Well since I’ve been here a month and haven’t written anything yet, I guess I have a lot to say.

First of all, I have had the room to myself for the past week and a half because my roommate is home sick with mono.

Everyone else on my floor (for the most part) seems to be a stuck-up bitch… there are only 10 rooms on our floor, the first floor. The other floors have way more and are bigger and way nicer, where everyone keeps their doors open. Besides me and my suitemates, I hardly know anybody. The president of the school’s daughter lives across the hall. She is freaking rich. President Parnell has donated like millions of dollars to the school so I’m assuming he has more than a little left over. I heard her and her roommate doing shots in their room the other night. Also, on more than one occasion I have had to go over there at 2am to knock on their door to remind them that it is a school night and sometimes people have classes the next day, so let’s please not act like we are a bunch of zoo animals. I didn’t say those words, but I thought them. The rest of the people in the hall, I never see. Except for four boys, who are supposed to be suitemates but they put all their beds in one room and a big futon and gaming station in the other room. This is known collectively as “man cave #1”. The other one is in Graham Jayne’s room, which is on the third floor. Theirs is way better in my opinion. It has lots of blacklights and glow in the dark stuff. They have a huge speaker named Craig, which, you may believe that is an original name, but it’s not. It’s called an iCraig and it looks like this. Graham keeps telling everyone how he is getting paid to DJ the sorority dances. Last week he got to do one, and this weekend he is doing another.

On the topic of sororities… both my suitemates joined one. I will tell you about them. Alexis is from a public school in Eureka (which she makes sound as bad as WCHS), and she is an architecture major but she is already planning on switching. It’s a pretty intense five-year program here with a required study abroad in Greece. Alexis likes to go to the quad a lot, even on school nights… she does things I don’t agree with sometimes but she is funny and a good friend. Caitlin is the best friend that I have made here so far, and she is quieter (in class) and from a Lutheran public school that was one hallway long. She was valedictorian of her class and had to give a speech, but she hates public speaking. She’s in my presentational speaking class. Caitlin is a business major and also on the dance team. Well anyway, Alexis and Caitlin decided to do Rush, which was the first week of school. It’s insanely expensive to be in a sorority here (like $600 per semester or something) so I think it’s kind of silly that they just throw that at you on your first week of school. There are four sororities here, and none of them have houses (because apparently, that would be considered a “Brothel”, and their names are (with nicknames in parentheses) Delta Delta Delta (Tri-Delta), Kappa Delta (KD), Zeta Tau Alpha (Zeta), and Pi Beta Phi (Pi Phi). Alexis and Caitlin were pretty much hoping for anything except KD because they thought that all of those people were rejects. And, looking at them, its true that most of them don’t look like typical “sorority girls”, and it is the smallest sorority on campus… so guess what Caitlin and Alexis got? Kappa Delta. Only 4 freshmen out of the 80 who rushed got KD. They seriously considered quitting because they were not happy but they decided to stick it out. I think they are okay with it, the other night Alexis and I were watching a movie (Caitlin was at MSU visiting a friend) when Alexis said, “You know what I realized? The Zetas aren’t that pretty either. They’re just not all fat.” Oh Alexis and your words of wisdom.

I guess the final important thing is the fact that my presentational speaking teacher is a little strange. He makes our class uncomfortable on a daily basis. Once, he told us to imagine having sex and then said that they way our bodies react is similar to the physical actions of the body when nervously giving a speech… “Not that I’m trying to say that giving a speech should be as enjoyable as making LOVE!” Hysterical/creepy laughing (only by him). I swear I’m going to record him in class someday. Another time, he said, “Let’s imagine you’re going to give a speech about…(thinking)… BREAST IMPLANTS.” Ok? Oh and yesterday he randomly got out his ukelele and started playing it and gave out slips of paper with the lyrics to “Davy, Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier” and made us all sing along.

Sorry this is so long but I just remembered one thing! The guy in charge of Quidditch said he has decided I get to have a leadership position. Hooray! This is the guy who has the Deathly Hallows tattoo on his wrist. Winning!

That was really fun to write so I’m sure I will do it more! Miss you guys!


One Response to “CATHY: Oops, sorry I forgot about this thing!”

  1. morgan September 27, 2011 at 5:00 am #

    You are so savvy with your links. I love it. Can’t wait to hear more! and it sounds like you and Kendyl have similar teachers in the child molesting field….

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