The longest thing I have ever written

20 Sep

Monday morning I decided I am not going to play Club Soccer anymore, because I dont have the time and I keep rolling my left ankle.

I am going to try play for roller hockey club team with the Dylan(The beard), Bigs(Thats what everyone calls him), and some other guys from my floor. I have not roller bladed in more then two years(it cant be that hard) but I did dominate hockey in gym all 4 years of high school(238 goals not that I counted). This last saturday me, bigs, Dylan, and my roommate drove down to KC in the swaggon waggon to get hockey gear. I accidently took drowsy cold medicine before we left so on the way back Dylan had to drive because I couldnt stay awake. That made him the 3rd person ever besides me to drive the swaggon waggon( my dad, Saara, Dylan).

Last Friday night was the hall council retreat(the worst night of my life). Are leaders made it sound awesome, but the food sucked it was tacos that im pretty sure had been soaked in grease for 3 weeks before we ate them. It was around 35 degrees the whole night and none of the buildings had heat, and all I had was one hoodie and 1 pair of jeans. The mattress I slept on was hard as a rock and covered in dirt. They said it was a super nice retreat, but you could barely call the thing I slept in a shed. They made us do a bunch of icebreakers and social games which I wouldnt mind if alot of the hall councils from the other hall werent so freaking weird. Some kid kept bugging me wanting to discuss the health care crisis, because when it was brought up in group talk I said we should be more like Canada(all the weird hall council kids hated Canada). Last I found out that every one in hall council except for Dieterichs council gets mad when you refer to Dieterich as The Dirty D (me and dylan then refered to it as the Dirty D every chance we got) because they said that nickname gives a negative vibe to the building (pssh Child Please). Me and Dylan are still working on planning a Dirty D I mean Big D aww scew it Dirty D dance party that were hoping to have in sometime in the next 3 weeks.

Also this last week I joined the shirtless Bearcats a coed club dedicated to watching sporting events with there shirts off (will be a interesting club to be in during football playoffs when its 30 degrees and snowing).

People I Know:

Dylan: talks to every person he sees, always knows where there is a party, and has a amazing beard

Matt: lives across the hall from me really nice but he has a potty mouth, while studying in the library yesterday he very loudly cussed every time he got a answer wrong on the practice quiz I was reading to him (he didnt know you are supposed to be quiet).

Bigs: Hes from Maryland, i dont know his real name(nobody does) but he is big(hints his nickname), his room is completely trashed (imagine 5 hoarders living in one dorm room). I also found out he snowboards so I have someone to go to snowcreek with this winter.

Eric: used to party every night, until this last friday night when he was so drunk that he didnt even remember me talking to him as he went into his room with a girl who he also doesnt remember.

Dr. Easterlae: my freshmem seminar teacher, and my favorite teacher, he created my major (hes old) and even though he is the most distinguished proffesor in the science department several people have told me that he doesnt believe DNA exsist(im not kidding) because DNA wasnt heavily researched until after graduated college so he never realy learned about it and refuses to believe it exsist. He has crazy stories, alot about when he hitch hiked all over america as a teen.

Casey: Shes on hall council with me, and she made up some disease friday night so she could leave the miserable lake early

Peace to Yo turtles, Love to your grass, and and Happyness to your hair follicles


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