Megan: IDK what to title this

16 Sep

This week has been pretty bleh. I haven’t got that much sleep because I’ve already started to procrastinate on a lot of things, something I said I wasn’t going to do. Whoops. I had a paper due today in my philosophy-type class, Responsible Self, and I spent a lot of my time freaking out about it. Me and LeiLei (other chinese person on my hall) have been going to the library for like the past 3 days to get help on our papers. And if it weren’t for those tutors in the library, I’m pretty sure I would have a total bs-ed paper. Anyway I finished that this morning and turned it in before class. So now that’s one less thing to worry about. Also, the other day I was so busy freaking out about that paper I didn’t get to study for my math test. Thankfully, the test was kinda easy in my opinion. Guess I’ll just have to see when I get the test back. And also because of said paper, I had to cram most of my violin practice time in to like 2 days!!! It was bad.
Kens left on Thursday to go to Kentucky (see her last post) for soccer. And I’m left at jewell to feed Toby. I’ve been enjoying the silence so far though… HAHA!! ūüėÄ jkjk. And also the day Kens left, I heard¬†Colby (like the cheese) and Harrison (like Harrison Ford)¬†say that they were sad that Kendyl wasnt there in math class. PAHAAAA!! I just lol’ed.

Anywho. That’s a little update from me on the Hill!
Hope it’s going swell where ever you’re reading this post from!


3 Responses to “Megan: IDK what to title this”

  1. chrisman2college September 17, 2011 at 5:20 am #

    You take that back. You know you miss me!
    Also, Toby better not be dead when I get back or I will make won ton soup out of you.

  2. chrisman2college September 17, 2011 at 6:24 am #

    I’m thinking Mr. Cheese and Mr. Ford have both grown very fawned of Kendyl… hmmmm

  3. meganleung September 17, 2011 at 7:52 pm #

    Toby wont be dead…. i’m a good fish feeder!!

    and yes… very fawned…. haha!

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