Kendyl: The Mundane Adventures of Tuesday

14 Sep

Got up (barely) and went to lab at 7:45and got there on time (barely). I usually don’t go to Tuesday lab so I had the pleasure of being lab partners with Harrison (like Harrison Ford- see prior post).  Well it was an interesting experience to say the least, I learned a few new things about him. I learned he is one week sober and the last time he drank he ended up in the Ely Hall Lobby (my dorm hall) apparently drunk (he doesn’t remember how he got there) and did something to the couch cushion (which is now removed), but he didn’t disclose what happened on said cushion. Also that he wants to get a tattoo on his bicep, but he doesn’t want it to sag. What a great place to put it, considering that will be the first place to start sagging. Also he asked for my number, so I asked him if he needed it incase he ended up drunk in the lobby again lol.


Math also started of great when Mr. McGlaughlin (seeming more like a rapist everyday) insisted that he knew me from somewhere (I swear he must have raped a girl that looked like me.)

Mr. McGlaughlin: “Did you run high school cross country because I know your face from somewhere.”

Me: “No my brother ran cross country.”

Mr. McGlaughlin: “I just think I know you from somewhere.”

Awkward Silence

On a side note Harrison also thinks James is a homosexual.


Then we had to work on our stupid math group project and guess who’s in our group… James. So we meet in a girl’s room on the second floor (you know who’s floor). It’s going just fine and dandy until James starts talking about intercourse (referencing screams from the hallway) and goes on to say “If your going to do it, at least do it right,” and that he is still a virgin, etc, etc. Super awkward considering 1.) he said all of this in his homosexual voice and 2.) I am 85% sure he is homosexual. It also didn’t help that this is what he said when he answered the phone, “Oh hey TT what up?” I guess you really had to be there to get a full understanding.

At soccer practice we ran 3 Carolina’s and for those of you who know what that is you can feel my pain.

Also, I found out that I get to travel with the team this weekend, so I’m leaving for Kentucky Thursday morning. Ahhh Yeah! J

Stay Classy Columbia, Greeley, Maryville, and Liberty!


P.S. I think I used the word homosexual a lot in this post.

P.S.S. Morgan is a homosexual grammar Nazi. Pahahahaha

P.S.S. Kendyl:4  Megan:1… not that anyone is keeping track.

2 Responses to “Kendyl: The Mundane Adventures of Tuesday”

  1. morg September 14, 2011 at 7:00 am #

    ouch- feeling your pain about Carolinas and ouch- you burned me.
    1. Did you give Harrison (like Harrison Ford) your number?
    2. Have you given your number out to anyone else?
    3. DO I need to send you mace and a rape whistle?!
    4. Have fun in Kentucky!!! That is so awesome!!!
    ❤ grammar Nazi

  2. chrisman2college September 18, 2011 at 4:07 am #

    1. Yes I gave him my number… not sure what I was thinking.
    2. Not any cute boys, unfortunately.
    3. YES!
    4. The soccer bus is starting to reek of rotten ham and fecal matter.

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