LI Going down on the Second Floor: If you don’t know what it means figure it out.

9 Sep

I quite literally might make myself nauseous typing this right now, but you guys have the right to know. Yesterday I was sitting in the lobby, working on my homework, minding my own business, and I hear the front door open so I glance over, and I see a certain someone walk in with her lady friend. And her lady friend had a pillow and overnight bag in hand. I think you all can use your imagination to what went on.

P.S. You know who doesn’t have a roommate, so no limitations.

No more gross stories, for a while at least. I feel like I should describe the people on our hall because I just like the way Morgan did. I’m a blog post copier.

Jamie: Can really only be described by what she put on the t-shirt she made for my game. “Go Sexy Kendyl, You Light My Fire.”

Lei Lei: Super talkative and really sweet.

(me and megan mainly hang out with the two of them.)

I’ll have to tell you about the others over Google+ Lolz.

It’s kind of funny though because I feel like our Hall is the only one where almost everyone gets along and actually hangs out together. The second floor always has their doors closed (I avoid the 2nd floor at all cost). Most of them made shirts to where at my game to cheer me on! We went to Los Compas yesterday (there’s one on Liberty square!) and got 3 tacos for 3 dollars and then hung out working on homework in the lobby, which is when I saw you know who (don’t get you know who mixed up with she who shall not be named). Also this weekend we are doing this Tour KC thing. I think where going to a park, the plaza and not sure what else.

I had my first chemistry test today and I’m still alive, well at least until I get my grade back.

Here is my math class: Me and Megan in the back.

James: Quite possibly homosexual, black guy, who constantly sings and complains under his breathe.

Harrison (like Harrison ford) and Colby (like the cheese): Yes that is how they introduce themselves. I consider them the same person. Football players, love to touch each other and make other people uncomfortable. Oh, and Harrison is the douche bag that says present (for those of you who know my pet-peeve).

Mr. McGLaughlin: Creepy kind of petafile guy. Said to me on the first day “You look really familiar, do I know you from somewhere?” (hell no creepo!) Also I think he is either a preacher or his wife is… I think that’s how he gets to little boys.

Sorry if my writing offends some of you grammar Nazis, but I simply don’t give dam, proofreading is for homosexuals.

(Just kidding-I know Megan will murder me cause she constantly proofreads 🙂

I have a game tonight against Drury and an away game on Sunday vs. Missouri S and T. My first away game!

Google+ Soon!

Stay Classy.


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