Megan: Happenings on the Hill

3 Sep


Hello my lovely friends!
Kendyl says I’m slacking because I’m pretty much the only person who hasn’t posted anything. Whoops. 😛
Anyway, everything here at Jewell (aka “The Hill”) is going pretty smoothly. I’ve been getting a great deal of exercise in. Not as much as athletes, but more than I had been.  Our school was built on this HUGE BUTT HILL, hence “The Hill”. You also have to climb lots of stairs to get places, like from the parking lot to the dorms, and also to the 3rd floor of Ely, which is the residence hall Kens and I are in.  Also, our room is a hangout spot because 1)we have an awesome view from our window. And 2)our room is big.
Classes are going pretty well at the moment. I’m taking Chem, Math Model Building (Kens told you about the pedophile teacher), Responsible Self (liberal arts class, have to take it to graduate, it’s an English/Philosophy type of class), and I’m also taking violin lessons. The Chem professor is probably my fav. He’s like an old grandpa you just want to hug. Haha! My responsible self professor reminds me of Mr. Ralston, except more edgy. He says what he wants (sometimes censored, sometimes not, mostly not) and has even referenced South Park a handful of times. It’s interesting to say the least! Also since it’s more of a discussion class, I keep my mouth shut so I don’t sound like an idiot or so someone can’t shoot me down because there are some really, really intelligent people in that class. Also there’s a really attractive guy in that class. Idk his name. But he’s not bad to look at. LOL. My violin lessons are going well. I’ve had two lessons up to date. At my last lesson, my professor made a comment about my short fingers! AI YAAA!!! But not in a mean way. LOL!
The food here is so amazing. Except for dinner tonight– it was dry chicken and cooked vegetables that had been cooked way too long. Actually this whole week’s food in the cafeteria was kinda iffy. But when in doubt, pizza it out. BEST PIZZA EVER. Also, biscuits and gravy for breakfast is THE WAY TO GO! And also the chocolate milk is delish. Just ask Kendyl.
I’ve attended all of Kendyl’s home soccer matches thus far. And I could quite possibly be considered as her biggest fan in some instances. When she scored last night, I was cheering quite loud. 🙂 Also I’ve played sand volleyball once (I suck, but I made a dive for a ball. It would have been a lot cooler if it actually went over the net though), and I’ve watched the intramurals for sand vball. Those got quite intense! Kens and I will probably sign up for tennis intramurals. That will be interesting. The last time I touched a racquet was probably that one night before we all went to Nick’s house to jump on the trampoline!
Also, LOTS OF ASIANS AT JEWELL!! 😀 not even kidding.

Hopefully I’ll be seeing you all this labor day weekend! Except for Morg. 😦 Miss you MORG!!

Peace Out,
Meggers Out.

One Response to “Megan: Happenings on the Hill”

  1. Morgan Sandberg September 9, 2011 at 1:31 am #

    So glad that you are yelling a lot at Kendyl’s soccer games! If I were there you best believe I’d be yelling with you.
    Miss you too Meggers!!!

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