Kendyl: Jewell Fewell

30 Aug

College in a nutshell: Soccer practice, hills, the perch, soccer scrimmages, the caf, shirtless soccer boys, shirtless soccer boys that don’t know your name, new friends, lemon tree (froyo), the library, checking in books and checking out books like eryday,(but only on Sundays),  foam fingers, new hair, pizza, chemistry, Heyyy… I have no clue what your name is, avoiding you know who, dammit I have to make small talk with you know who, pretty clock tower, crazy hall mates, community restroom, chocolate milk, Thrill on the hill, skype, laundry, hipsters, sand volleyball, Arnold Palmers, sporting KC game, awesome window view, roommates-Pound It, my math teacher might be a pedophile, just kidding he’s just a little odd, Liberty, soccer spaghetti dinner, Geeeeze why isn’t the perch open on Saturday and Sunday, Library gossip, Pros and cons of eye flaps, monstrous stairs, borientation weekend, photography, 2nd dinner, 3rd dinner, God I love dinner, why the hell is there burlap on the wall, Ely 3rd floor up in the sky YO, Toby, tripping on the bricks trust me you learn to pick up your feet, Taco bell haha.

One Response to “Kendyl: Jewell Fewell”

  1. meganleung August 30, 2011 at 5:26 am #

    roommates. pound it.

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