Morgan: CO

25 Aug

So as most of you already know, I’m in the lovely state of Colorado. But I haven’t had the chance to fully enjoy that yet. My main focus for the past few days have been 1)How am I going to pass Calculus 2) I need to get a job  3)Crap! I’ve got to find an orthodontist 4)I have to drop Calculus: now! 5)Soccer players over there! Let’s join them! Footballers on Turner green.. I have a few minutes to spare… 6)What can I take instead of Calculus… anything will do. My days have been busy. And you all might be glad to know that I have successfully dropped Calc, have found time to participate in all sporting events, and have had an interesting time trying to find a job. First things first, I have too much free time because I have no Tuesday or Thursday classes (except lab on Tues morning). So I go to the student job bank and look for easy jobs. The most appealing one is titled “Mother Helper” which includes picking up a kid from school, playing with said kid for at most 2 hours, and getting paid. The only requirements are that I am nice or something… which sounds a little sketch but whatever. So I call this Mother in need and it goes to voicemail. Typical voicemail… “Hi blah blah blah, leave a message…. ” but then the tone changes to “Oh and uh if this is the bail bondsman, I will try to get back to you as quick as possible -click-“. Being the blonde that I am, I left a message and my number. I am frightened for a returned phone call.

In other news, I went ice-blocking yesterday for the first time. Ever heard of it? It’s like sledding in the summer. We all will have to try it out this summer. Oh and I experienced my first ever earthquake! It was crazy.


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